Things to know about Fantasy Sex

Sexual Information- how many partners are there?

The average person has already had 9 sexual partners, although the averages are empty figures in themselves. Even more exciting is that only 20% of people already have more than 10 sexual partners. People often tell me that their ignorance makes them feel Sexmex insecure and that this undermines their self-esteem. There seems to be a view that the more partners you have, the better your partner or, the more ‘sex-loving’ you are. None of this is true, and many people think that some people have more partners than they are. Quality statistics, not quantity. I don’t think it’s hard to build a very large number of partners.

Sexual confidence: How can you measure your sexuality?


One thing that undermines people’s belief in their own ‘sexuality’ is the assumption that other people are more capable and loving than we are. 24% rate their sexual performance as excellent. This means that three-quarters of us think that, at best and worst, we are very poor in bed. Many people worry about sex, forgetting that the partner’s identity contributes to sex. Working is about having confidence, and having a partner who supports your belief in your aspirations makes you a better partner with that person. Sexmex should not be a game. If so, your beliefs about sex can be helpful in that analysis. Focusing on your performance makes you want to please your partner to boost your self-esteem rather than wanting to please you as a result.

Sexual Satisfaction – are you currently satisfied with your sexual health?

76% said yes, and 24% said no. One-fourth of the population cannot find a way to create the kind of sexual contact and emotions they would like to have. This result is unusual as most surveys often report levels of dissatisfaction of more than 50%. Those 65 and older were more satisfied than those aged 16-24. People in a long-term relationship/marriage are more satisfied than single people, although single people report having sex more often. Also, frequency is not a guarantee of good sex.